Most american rather pay less for their lowest price walmart products then pay more for USA made products and support our countries economy. I believe that unions that make similar products at a significantly higher cost then chinese products is the main reason for outsourcing. Those people that can get jobs, for the most part, rather get a gov't check every two week then to take a more labor intensive that would net them less then unemployment may be paying. I am def not a lazy worker and it disgust me that so many people rely on gov't to take care of them. I hope that unemployment funds dry up which is the only way to get those ignorant lazy people in this country to work and support themselves. I'm glad to know that the unemployment funds i've banked over the years have a maxed out the dollar amount my account can carry and the rest goes into the pot for those who get extension after extension!! What BS! The unemployment govt employees also seem to be lazy at their jobs as well. If they really checked to see if a person on unemployment has actually been searching for a job would help tremendously.... Sorry for my late night rant fellows