We are doing Tridium AX integrations with older lon based JCI VAV controls. They are the Johnson Nexsys NXA-VAV-02. From what I can tell they are the same thing as the Electric Systems VAV contollers.

I can't seem to be able to make the nvo outputs read raw values. I type in "nan" in an attempt to null the nvi's but the outputs just read stupid values like 0 or nan.This applies to several points:

1. "nviSpaceTemp" and "nvoSpaceTemp"
2. "nviUserSetp" and "nvoSetpoint"; this won't let the occupied/unoccupied temperature setpoints to switch and take over.
3. "nviBoxFlow" and "nvoBoxFlow"

Another problem I'm having is with all the occupied/unoccupied temperature setpoints as well as the air flow setpoints; "nciSetPnts" and "min/maxFlow". When I try to set a value I get the same error for each one.
"Write fault: javax.baja.lonworks.lonexception: Error writing MaxFlow: could not access file"

Anybody have any ideas?