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    Trane XV-95 flashing lights

    My three-year-old Trane XV-95 is showing 21 flashing greens and then one flashing red. It's set on cool but no cool air is coming out and the temp has gone up instead of down. What does this mean? The compressor wasn't running outside, then hubby reset the breaker.

    I've also had a receptacle short out and I am about to replace it. Could this be related?

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    Is the indoor blower running?

    The control board in the furnace only does fault codes for heating, and there are several LED's on the board, only one is for fault codes.
    If it is flashing once every 20 seconds or so, it is indicating normal operation with no call for heat.

    If the fan is running, and the system has a 5 ton blower, the LED flashing 21 times between pauses may be the CFM indicator.

    Turn the system off and call a pro.

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