I never trusted pipe temp readings untill I got the Fluke 16 and $100 pipe clamp with ribbon sensor. Now I use it on all jobs. Ive been ball parking simular systems with apx 15deg SH. But Ive been reading up on but not going by target super heat. So I bought my first digital humidity meter. I used a sling syclometer 20+yrs ago at my fathers company. I just thought it was alot of BS back then but dad just wanted to fill out his air balance reports. I looked at the tried and true sling at $75 but went for an expencive new Fluke for $179. Ive seen cheaper humidity sticks and at first was planning on the $70 digital and hoping to get the sling as well to keep the cheap meter in line. I got to thinking on the way home did I just get ripped with tax was like $190. So when I got home this eve I logged on to the Fluke site and found a 975V meter that looked beter Im thinking dam I should have got that, I called the 1 800 Fluke # and checked cost on the 971 I bought $179 whew at least thats the going price but dudes check the price on the Fluke 975V $2,495!! Air meter. http://us.fluke.com/usen/products/Fl...FlukeProducts) Im not complaining about cost now.

Also my newer Fluke 16 and pipe clamp in my referigeration tool box has been eating batterys and never saying so on the screen. It just screws up temp readings bad. The 9v tests good on a battery testor (why the Fluke d/n say lo bat) but a fresh hotter battery makes a 30 deg difference on my line temp. I would like to see lo bat before I see crap readings displayed. I over charged a unit this morn after I cleaned it. Pissed me off. I talked to Fluke about this they want the meter back free repair. He also informed me the Fluke16 is not a very accurate meter for temp and that I would have more accuracy with the Fluke50-II. I checked the cost of a dual probe Fluke52-II $240+tax. The cost of accuracy is out of site. I guess Im complaining again.


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