1. Unemployment is worse today than when he took office. When you count all the people the BLS isn't counting as being unemployed, the number should be 12%. Reality is probably closer to 17% or 18%.

2. This recession started in December/2007. We have never really come out of it. Economic indicators are down.

3. He has printed at least 5 trillion dollars that we know of and maybe as much as 20 trillion to bail out world banks. All he has to do is instruct Bernake to type the credit in on his special computer.

4. Gas prices are double what they were when loser boy took office.

5. This president actually prefers Muslims over Americans and he prefers the Muslim religion over Christianity. He said America wasn't a Christian nation, and he doesn't like Israel's prime minister. We just had 4 Americans killed by Muslims in Libya in a deliberate attack, and this president leaves DC to go on a fund raiser the next day.

Is this the failure of the country club republicans like Karl Rove? Bush II ran on "compassionate conservativism", but I consider his presidency a failure. He gave us 20 trillion in prescription drug liabilities and empowered the teacher's unions with "no child left behind". Then Bush II started the bailout mess right before he left office. So, really isn't this on the majority of the American people? They are the ones who want to elect this narcissist again. The rest of America is becoming more like the black community--that is, they want special treatment and care from the U.S. government, and so they will vote for the socialist. Will America have any more world status than Mexico or Canada 20 years from now?