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    Outdoor condensate pump tubing

    In August I had a new heat pump installed with a new air handler located in the basement. The installers left about 4 feet of the clear tubing coiled up just laying on the ground along side the heat pump pad. This was done at my request because at the time I didn't know if I wanted to collect the water in a bucket for watering purposes or not. At this point I decided I do not. The AC portion will not be running in the winter but the tubing is still totally full of water. I live in Pennsylvania and it will go way below 32 degrees this winter and freeze the water in the tubing that is located outside. Is this OK? Should I evacuate the water before winter? If so how do I do that? Also I was told that I could just bury the tubing in the ground into a french drain. If that is done will I have to worry about future blockage? Any and all ideas on what to do to make this look aesthetically better and functional would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Uncle V.

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    condensation lines run outside in our freezing climate all the time with no issues unless installed improperly.

    only leave enough tubing to get water away from the house.

    if tubing is run on a slope it will self drain, gravity is your friend.

    do you have a humidifier on the system or are you planning on one? If so, an interior drain is best.
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