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    Exclamation Supply house certificates and hours, your thoughts?

    I am taking classes at the community college ,but also wanted to educate myself in my down time.

    -RE Michaels has a list of courses, they are all day events cost around $90 and you get a "cert" that says number of hours and in what field, such as "heat pumps".

    -United Refrigeration has a event coming up on expansion valves also which is similar, and you get 2 Nate CEU credits.

    -Finally I found a all day seminar on RSES it does cost $200 ,but you receive 7 Continuing Education Hours toward renewal toward North American technician excellence.

    I am excited about these, but a little confused. Could someone clue me in as to Nate CEU credits and how many you have to actually have to earn a certificate from Nate. Also would these 7 continuing education hours count if I just registered on the RSES website.

    I just want to know I am working on a certificate, something concrete, and I need to understand how these fall into place.

    Thanks alot, I appreciate the input from everyone thus far.

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    First you have to take the NATE test (core and specialty) to become nate certified then you have to get so many ceu credits in a 5 yr period to maintain nate certification. Any class should teach you something that will help if you're willing to learn

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    ALSO; any money spent on these classes would be tax deductable so save your receipts, if you are not already.

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    These are all excellent ideas!!!


    Continuing education units
    You need to keep up NATE or master mechanical etcc.

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    The best bang for your buck on the local level are the evening classes that are offered by the local Trane offices. Any opportunity you have to attend training on anything should be taken advantage of!
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