I am taking classes at the community college ,but also wanted to educate myself in my down time.

-RE Michaels has a list of courses, they are all day events cost around $90 and you get a "cert" that says number of hours and in what field, such as "heat pumps".

-United Refrigeration has a event coming up on expansion valves also which is similar, and you get 2 Nate CEU credits.

-Finally I found a all day seminar on RSES it does cost $200 ,but you receive 7 Continuing Education Hours toward renewal toward North American technician excellence.

I am excited about these, but a little confused. Could someone clue me in as to Nate CEU credits and how many you have to actually have to earn a certificate from Nate. Also would these 7 continuing education hours count if I just registered on the RSES website.

I just want to know I am working on a certificate, something concrete, and I need to understand how these fall into place.

Thanks alot, I appreciate the input from everyone thus far.

Stay Hungry!