Not sure if im in the right place to post but it seemed this was the best place that I could find. I got to thinking this AM about this question as im going to be starting a new job soon and getting that feeling of the unknown. Were I work now I am not used to my full potential and bascily have to look to find something to do to make the day go by! It is horrable. My first job was as an oil tech and we noticed a few slow times due to having 20 or so oil techs and not enough service work. So they started taking on a bit more area for us to service, doing our own installs and teaming the guys up with other techs. That wasnt so bad IMHO. Then at my last job it was a smaller shop and the boss would have us do work on his house. To me thats not my thing. Anyway those are the ways ive seen some people do to get by in a slow time and I was wondering what you guys do when it slows down?