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Thread: Another SCAM!

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    Another SCAM!

    Got a bill out of the blue for a website, amount was $600 plus late fees and administrative fees. My secretary called to find out why we were getting a bill for a site we never approved. Turns out, the phone calls asking to 'verify' your address and company info are recorded, doctored up to record a company rep saying 'yes' to one thing and using that recording to then bill you for whatever they wish. They have been pretty persistent in getting us to pay, but I told them lets go to court. Bad thing for them, they will need to come to my home town to collect, so I think I will be having a little fun with them. What have been your experiences with these d-bags?

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    Next time they call do something like this

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    I had the same problem with a advertising company, I told them to shove the bill straight up and get in line with the other scumbags. I never heard from them again.

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