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Hey I'm just starting my company and have been doing service and checks for a few months now. I am starting to get calls for no heat, and gas heat service. I was wondering what checks need to be done on gas heat to make sure every thing is running well. What tools/ meters do I need to purchase? I have flute and field piece for the ac side and heat pumps, but nothing for nat gas. I know how to check the pressure coming in the then through the gas valve (11 WC for nat gas). I was thinking there was a fume detector or something I needed. something to check to flame maybe, not sure what all I need.

Thanks for the help
It amazes me how many people with absolutely no knowledge in this field try and start their own business. Going to screw a lot of people and end up hurting a homeowner or themselves.. I just don't understand people. I'm sure everyone agrees with me!!!