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    Just a couple of thoughts

    I was thinking maybe we should sell off California to Mexico. We're trillions of dollars in debt, broke and could use the money.
    All of the illegals coming over and working in California would still be back in their own country.
    All of the jobs that would end up in Mexico wouldn't have to relocate afterall.
    California is eventually going to fall off into the ocean, might as well get something for it now before it sinks.
    The millions of drug addicts and welfare recipients in Cali would now become Mexicans and would have to apply for citizenship back into the US, which means millions would fall off welfare.
    We will probably never see another Reagan like figure come from California, so basically Cali has given us the best they had and will never give us anything more.
    We get to stop hearing about the ridiculous laws being passed from them.
    Hollywierd won't be missed.
    We won't have to worry about the Crips and Bloods. They'll be Mexico's problem.
    The rich won't have to worry about getting into trouble hiring illegals cause now they'll all be legal.
    And best of all, Nancy Pelosi, Barbara Boxer, Diane Feinstein, Henry Waxman and Darrell Issa will no longer be members of Congress.
    Oh, and we could call it "Certified Pre Owned Mexico" since we already have rights to the name New Mexico.
    Heck, let's throw in Oregon and Washington state as well.
    Oregon hasn't given us anything note worthy except a trail.
    And Seattle hasn't given us any great music since the 90's.

    All in favor to second the motion say "AYE!"

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    You have to wonder if they won't eventually get it for free anyway. Sad sad sad to think about.

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    I agree except for the Washington and Oregon part. We would still need some coast front for defense, well okay fishing, purposes!
    Don't worry zombies are looking for brains, you're safe...

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    You forget to mention that the wealthy in cali are very much American citizens and thrive off the low wages illegals bring to their bottom line. If Cali were to become Mehico then the Mexican gov't would do exactly what they are doing now, cut trade, high tariffs on imports, rich hold onto wealth, no welfare programs. Then they will tell their citizens go to Arizona and work because Arizona was stolen from you. They owe you welfare and many jobs oh and don't forget to join the local MS13 club house where you can receive benifits like drug fronts and weapons to start your Entraprenuer carrer on your time off from the welfare line.

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