a lot of people were worried about passing the year 2000.
but the real number to be worried about is the year 2013.
for the same reason, ...astronomy..., the Mayans ended their calender in 2012, 13 is an important occult number with the nut-cases that run our business and government.

politicians use this time period to start new things.
in 1913 they passed the Federal Reserve to "stabilize the economy", 16 years later we had a massive economic crisis that left the banks holding most of the property in the U.S.
in 1813 we were in second war with England. during that war the Capitol was burned.

the politicians plan to re-write much of the California constitution.
they have created the "California Forward" organization.
"Forward" is a word used to represent "progressive" politics, aka Marxism.
and they have created "Think Long" and organization made up of billionaires and past politicins.
Conspiracy theorists are already accusing this policy of having it's origins in the U.N

Nicolas Berggruen
•Eli Broad[3] •Willie Brown
•Gray Davis •Maria Elena Durazo, a union activist who has worked with the AFL-CIO and UNITE-HERE •Matthew K. Fong
•Ron George, former chief justice of the California Supreme Court[3] •Antonia Hernandez
•Robert (Bob) Hertzberg[1] •Gerry Parsky
•Condoleezza Rice
•Eric Schmidt (chief executive of Google)
•George Schultz
•Terry Semel
•Laura Tyson

although the changes appear to start off as optional participation, the bottom line is the state starts getting heavily involved in the way local cities run their government.
local cities are required to make "action reports" to get funding, report progress, and share their suplus with the rest of the state.
the scary part is, these organizations plan to remove the 2/3 rds super majority so they can easily pass budgets and raise taxes when ever they want.
grosslty anti-American.
the 2/3rds majority was purposely created so it would be difficult to rasie taxes and pass stupid projects.

Propositions 34 and 35 start to change our prison system into work camps.
people convicted of crimes (guilty or innocent) are forced to work to pay the families of victims.
politician originally wanted to charge prisoners for their fabricated incarceration expenses, but it looks like the politicians have temporarily switched gear for now.

since "Prop 13" is already being used, they switched the numbers to Prop "31" to begin passing these policies.

we can probably expect to see similar policy on a Federal level.