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Printer how are those benefits currently being payed for ?

Please expand on your question. I do not see the relevance to my reply.

And if you want to be part of a discusion concerning American politics and the impact the two distinct ideologies have on our economy do a little historical research first.
Sorry, I will post as I please whether you approve or not. As far as economics, I think I am doing all right.

Which party is trying to address our declining fiscal health and which party is piling on the debt and not addressing the economy with any practical solutions ?
When Obama was horse trading with the Republicans and was going to cut spending if they bent on tax increases they balked. So I see them equally to blame.

What happened after the welfare reform act of the nineteen ninetees. ?

After Carters disastrous Presidency where inflation, unemployment and interest rates where double digit.

You left leaning guys need to realize that the one thing our economy lacks is also having an effect on the economies of Western Europe.

With Obama we won't be getting it back anytime soon and Companies and investors will simply hold on to their capital instead of growing, hiring and investing.

It's simply confidence
And you seem to miss the fact the monetary world does not begin and end with you guys. While what happens in your country plays a big part, policies in Japan probably had a greater effect on the world economy in the 90's.

Not sure if you have been noticing but money has been returning to the stock market as investors see more money to be had, namely with further quantitative easing. And they are confident they will be able to collect it while others pay the price.