Found myself in rush hour traffic today... and listening to one of the local radio talking heads: Eric Erickson, founder of the website:

Eric is a young guy, has a law degree and experience in the courtroom. He has also worked on many a campaign and understands politics quite well (from both sides).

Eric was talking today about how polls are manipulated... it was a seriously involved explanation and I did not get all the details... however here is one scenario to think about:

Surveys show younger people tend to not have landlines, rather only cells. Older folks tend to not use their cells much, rather their landlines. And BHO gives away cell phones (they call them Obammaphones). So if a polling company wants to slant their results to the left... all they have to do is load the calls toward phone numbers the govt is paying for... easy enough.
Oh, and how many folks can you think of who have an out of area--area code in your area... This alone shows polling by area code is grossly in-accurate.

The plot thickens: The crop of new polls out today (Monday the first of October) suggest Mitt Romney is closing the gap again... yet the margins are skewed based on previous polls. So how would this happen? Seems according to Eric on the radio... the pollsters used last weeks averaging numbers, rather than current ones. What does that mean... well I did not get the whole explanation.

As one can see, it is not hard to bias a poll if one wants to... For this reason: GA says the polls probably need to say one candidate is ahead by at LEAST double digit numbers to even take the poll seriously.

This race is not over until Nov 7th... lets see what happens.

BTW: Rush today named a book (and GA forgot the title and author) which explained how totally off base most polling is. The bottom line, as GA has been saying all along is: Whomever is paying for the pole expects the pole to say what they want... money talks. For this reason alone... folks should not take polls seriously.

When, oh when... will the American people gonna grow up and start thinking for themselves?????