So I get the call over the weekend to check out a Luxaire R22 system 2.5 ton. Model TCGD30S21S1A with recip compressor.
I get there and the compressor was grounded so waited for today to replace under an almost expired warranty, 2 more months & it would have been no warranty..
Anyway, I check out the nameplate 3.11 lbs factory charge of r22, after installing it I leak tested with nitro and no leaks, pull vacuum and all good, I add 3.14lbs r22 and let it rip... The thing ran great... for about 40 minutes..
It turns out I completely forgot (yes yes, my fault ok?) to change the drier... so I figured np, Ill pull the charge to the compressor and pull another vacuum and thats it right..? not really..
I tried to pull vacuum and the dang compressor didn't suck in the charge, instead it shut down on me and remained like that for about thirty minutes.. All cables hooked up correctly, 24v coming through and 240v enabled, fan was running but comp wasn't.
I had to run to another call and could not come back to this today but I am going back tomorrow..
Could this just be that the compressor overheated and needed longer to cool down run again?