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    Quote Originally Posted by HVACgal101 View Post
    The vans are all new so I think they are good on that

    OK then:
    1) Gold Rolex wrist watch.
    2) Trading spaces. Let them do your job for two weeks & you do their job.
    3) One extra week vacation.
    4 ----- we can go on & on and you'll shoot 'em all down.

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    tools are nice, but what about getting them signed up for classes that would benefit both the employee and the business. I would love to go to some classes on controls. unfortunately our company doesn't do controls but I'm very interested in learning that side of the trade. (that was an example however seeing we are on the topic and your in the mood to give things away, I wouldn't decline the invitation )

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    The reward will be most appreciated if it revolves around there family,

    Ex: let them come in an hour late so they can take there kids to school or pick up (works when there young only)

    Maybe one of there wives (brother) is involved with after school activities, get involved financially or donating your time. If an ideal similar dosnt pop up. The best gift would be for them is 4 U to get to know them better. Yeah i know it sounds corny,, but gift cards are too.
    But if u want a quick reward with minimum effort and most to gain Have a monthly lotto pool,, let them dream together on your dime,, and if they win your company name will be all over the news win win.

    Mininium effort== Netflix account every time they see a movie they will appreciate u or there Family members

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    Quote Originally Posted by mason View Post
    Personally I don't like it when my boss tries to give me tools, appreciate the gesture but I'm a tool junkie and spend hours getting info and reviews before every purchase, so if you handed me a pair of lame diagonal cutters or gauges I didn't want what would be the point? Each Christmas he hands out a few tools, I take them straight to lowes(where he gets them) and trade them in for a store credit.

    I would stay away from tools, give them gift cards either to a store like home depot or the visa ones that can be used anywhere. Other than that ask them what they want, give them a few options and have them vote on three of them, now they might be excited because they've gotten to choose what they are interested in.

    In my personal opinion, don't give them anything, promote the idea that everyone is on the same team and driving to do quality work and to grow the company, reward them by taking care of them, buy lunch(sometimes), pay for them to go to classes, surprise them with a Christmas bonus. Don't single anyone out for praise or disapproval(unless done so privately between you and them in a closed office), focus on the team aspect and that everyone has a part in success, if some guys are doing a much better job then give them raises but don't rub it in the face of others.

    Welcome to the site, get ready, you'll get a lot of people's 2cents on this site but it's good for you : ).
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    Veto Pro Tech LC tool bag. Digicool Ak900 digital gauges. Fluke 902 meter. Also my company gives out shotguns (safety award).

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    Cash money.

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    I do think you need to give rewards for individual accomplishment in private for the most part. Group rewards should go to the group or make it random. Its great to reward for hard work but others may feel slighted or resentful. Sad but true.

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    Have the winners do your job for a week. If they have the potential to do your job -- more power to them -- they will be grateful for the opportunity. If they are begging to get back into their vans after the first couple of days, they will know where they are happy and more confident they are doing what they like best. It is win -- win for all.

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    I'm thinking Pic-quick screwdrivers - in canada are amazing, maglites, quality allen key sets, kneepads, mechanics gloves, 5/16" and 1/4" magnetic nutdrivers, LED trouble light/flashlights, thats all i got for now bye

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    Free gas in company van.
    My name is TooCoolforschool and I am a chronic over charger.

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    I second the ideas of;
    1) Paid time off - 2 hrs a piece. Go home early and still get paid. Yeehaw!

    2) Pre paid tool account at a supply house of their choosing, i.e J-mart, United etc.

    3) Paid company BBQ with everyone being paid for attendance.

    4) Ask them what they would like!
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    Give them a six month membership to a spa they can take the misses too.

    Really, a permanent raise/promotion is the BEST 'gift'.
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