Can someone explain the differences between SCADA systems and your typical BMS such as a Continuum or a JCI system?

I know SCADA systems are typically used in industrial process, but why? Is it more reliable/ robust, can handle more points?

Do different manufactures have differing protocols such as proprietary, BACNet, Lon etc ? Can differing manufacturers communicate with each other?

Do you have the same signal choices, I.E., 0-10 VDC , 24 v etc.?

Are there any gotchas or any pitfalls one needs to look out for and or avoid that anyone can share.

What of network architecture? I.E. MSTP, IP, PTP?

I need to get up to speed on SCADA (purely on a design level) pretty quick and I have zero experience with it other than looking at a front end once or twice for CX purposes.

Thanks for any input.