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    Another New Guy

    Hey, y'all. I'm Dan, and I'm the latest model of new guy on the forums. For the past 40 years I've made my living as a Broadcast Engineer, a strange profession that's part electrician, part plumber, part mechanic, part technogeek and part janitor. A couple of weeks ago I had a day when I fixed a misbehaving file server, a high power FM transmitter and a broken toilet--all on the same day. We seldom get bored with the same old routine every day.

    Between our 20,000 square foot studio/office complex and our nine transmitter sites (most with dual systems) I'm responsible for couple dozen HVAC systems--I'm the guy who decides if it's something simple we can handle in-house or if we need to call our HVAC guys. We have them on speed-dial.


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    welcome aboard; so, you're accustomed to chinese fire drills; aye.
    It`s better to be silent and thought the fool; than speak and remove all doubt.

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    Welcome here!

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