Hello tech pals, I need some advice and input.
"Want to hear it? Here it goes"

I am looking to relocate to Massachusetts to be closer to family. I am a 608/609 Universal certified HVAC service technician with 5 years experience in the south east, also I hold an associate's degree with HVAC as a major. And I have extra credits in commercial HVAC. I feel confident in my ability. Will this experience help me in the New England area? Everything I read has Oil Burners Licenses and state certificates. I don't have any of that and I have no experience in it ether. Other than reading about in in class years ago, no real experience. What should I do before sending out resumes? And what about unions, Should I join the Union Hall before I send resumes or will the company that hires me get me into it?

Also, what field should I look into? Comfort cooling is not needed nearly as much, so I figure my commercial refrigeration will be better to lead with.

Any advice would be great.