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    Trane Hypenion Air Handlers

    Just wanted some feed back from any troubles yall are seeing in the field on these units. Im running mostly into sensors issues and EEv that was bad. please share
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    Well here is my info. On the new air handler.

    1st couple we installed had problems with door latches in which Trane offered us a solution with more durable latches.

    All in all a great unit once the bugs were worked out. I have installed 30 plus with good results.

    What are you concerned about? I have had zero problems with EEV.

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    Misdiagnosis is the common problem I've seen. Or maybe I've been brainwashed by trane in thinking these units will never have problems.

    I've checked a few change outs we've done and found some weird operating conditions (sh, sc off, pressures weird, temp split low), only to come back the next day and find everything dead on and working properly. Just seems it takes a while for these to adjust to conditions or whatever.

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    One big problem is not removing the suction line sensor , or at least keeping it cool while brazing. Also it takes a while to properly charge one as the indoor eev is trying to adjust for the changing conditions
    Stuff happens

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    I work for a Trane supply house and honestly the only trouble we've had with them is the door issue mentioned above. I've ordered one EEV stepper motor. Still get a guy every now and then who has burnt a suction line sensor.

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    In my own experience i have had;

    - a door switch not making contact with door.
    - a bundle of wires for hot water coil(i believe) fell and hit the electric heaters which caught on fire. it was in a downflow position. so be careful.
    - bad suction sensor. 99% sure from someone overheating it.
    - the door latches can be a PITA sometimes.

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    The door latches are a pain. But other than that they are a great unit i think. Easy to install and take care of

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