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    I "inspected" my brother's soon to be new house recently and saw the cutest little pair of heatpumps I ever saw. They are three years old and installed when the house was built. I did not write down the model number but there was a 020 in the first part of the model number. When I saw the units I thought they were 1.5 tons but the 020 threw me. Did Bryant ever make a 1.75 ton 10 seer heatpump?

    Also the t-stats did not have an "emergency heat" setting. They are Hunter stats with no model # I could find and nothing indicating a multistage stat. So when and how is the HP suspose to kick out and tranfer heating duties to the gas furnace?

    Thank you

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    He either needs a thermostat that does dual fuel or a standard heat pump stat with separate dual fuel kit. Sounds like he has neither and something to follow up on.

    Don't recall a 20 in a Bryant model # in recent years. 018, 024, etc.

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