I have a customer that contacted me today regarding a Trane MP581 controller. The customer said the controls contractor on the job doesn't want to connect to the controller via Trane Tracer comm 5, but LON instead. I thought Tracer Comm 5 was pretty much the same as LON? I believe they are using a Tridium JACE as the front end, and they want to connect these controllers to there LON network. They would like us to "map" the points. I really don't know where they want us to map the points to, but I was wondering what is all entaled in this job? The MP581 controllers have already been completely programmed.... So can I just connect the LON network cable to the controllers, and discover all of the points? Or do I need to configure the controllers differently to communicate on a True LON network?

Thanks for any information you can provide me on this.