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    Confused Have to wait four years from the time you registered apprentice license 4 journeyman?

    Does it depend on your employer? Or does the state keep track of your exact start date? I registered 6 months ago for my apprenticeship license, does that mean I have to wait 3.5 years until I can take my journeyman examination? Does it depend on the state or how many hours you have? I have 960 hours completed so far in my apprenticeship.

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    Depends on where you live my friend. Here in MI, we need 2 years under a licensed mechanical contractor before we can go and take our mechanical exam. Your employer here has to sign documents stating that you have worked this long and are proficient enough to take certain categories/or all in the testing....such as limited and unlimited service, gas piping etc.
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    yes. the legitimate apprenticeship programs in MD or 4 or 5 years long because it takes that long to earn the necessary hours.
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