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    Any help would be appreciated...

    I have a Lennox Model # G1603/4 100-1 S# 5887G10452 gas furnace. I powered up for the 1st time this fall and smelled gas in the basement. I observed that only 1 of 4 burners (the 2nd from left with the igniter) was firing. The others were not not lighting. Called gas co., shut off furnace and waiting for gas co. tech to arrive Wednesday.

    Any thougts? Does position of burners in chambers matter? Do they need to be placed a certain way in each chamber so ignition travels from burner to burner? this a problem with a bad component and inadequate ignition?


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    You need a good heating technician for that. Probably not major but not something for a non-tech to do. Does your gas company service furnaces? Otherwise there won't be much he'll do but shut you back down.

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    I would have a technician look at it (preferably one familiar with Lennox). Many G16's have cracked heat exchangers. The Lennox DuraCurve heat exchanger used for a long time was prone to this. If the heat exchanger is OK, then it can be determined why the burners wont light.

    The moderator might shut you down due to the no DIY rule.

    Good luck!

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    Consider routine maintenance a good investment. In most cases it will pay for itself the same season.
    There is nothing more frightful than ignorance in action....Mark Twain

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    All good answers including shut 'er down. Call for service. Thread closed.
    Perhaps you should have read the instructions before calling.

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