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    I have a free standing "B" vented LPG fireplace that has unusual flame characteristics. It is not a lifting flame however the yellow flame is way too tall and wispy, kind of dances around, in the process is hitting the glass causing sooting.Have tried air shutter adjustments to no avail. At times it will settle down and run normally but most of the time it seems to dance around. I wonder if it is venting properly? Any suggestions?


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    If it sometimes settles down, then venting could well be the problem. The solution, though, is pretty hard to see from here.
    And a flame with the characteristics you describe will be producing CO, and likely spilling into the home. Pls have it serviced by a competent tech ASAP.
    A tip. If you turn it on & see this poor flame, try opening your front door wide open and keep it open for several minutes, to neutralize the pressure difference inside and outside the house. If the flame corrects itself, that'll help put the tech on track to a solution.
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    It could be several things. Improper venting is high on the list, but could also be impropper gas pressure adjustment, ng-lpg conversion not done correctly, incorrect installation/adjustment (vent restrictor, combustion air supply, vent sizing, etc) Definitely have it checked by a certified tech. If you have the intallation manual, have it handy for the tech to look at. Do you notice the problem happening when other air-exhausting appliances are operating? (Dryers, bath fans, range hoods etc.)
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    yes to all above

    Also check for return air ducts being to close to the draft hood. some installers will mistake b vented appliances for direct vented appliances. Assuming all per above stated by others is correct, remember a return must be ten feet away from any draft hood appliance per
    NFPA 211, NFPA 54, International Mechanical Code ect.

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