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    Can your dad adopt me?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Serviced View Post
    Lucky guy! Makes me wanna sack punch my old man.... Getting the guy to LEND me a tool is like pulling teeth, nevermind givin me any lol..... Love ya pops!
    You just showed me the mirror He still leaves the laying around when I let him use them.

    Your Dad is turning you into a toolahalic
    I dont warranty Tinkeritus

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    Growing up in a family owned business, I learned to "borrow" my dad's tools at a young age.

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    Lucky U I had to borrow money for tools when i started.

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    I was 11 when my dad gave me my first real tools. A Craftsman 1/2" drive socket set.
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    Sweet! I've got a good jump on tools. I have most of the tools shown in your picture from past jobs. I'm currently in HVAC school and will have to start buying HVAC tools. But, for basic hand tools, I've got everything I need.

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    My dad couldn't give me tools if he wanted to. He doesn't even know how to use a screwdriver. The only tools he got were from me lol. Hes a master in the kitchen though. Im lucky if I dont screw up Kraft dinner lol.
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