Obambam is saying that he personally created over 4 million new jobs in America and that the economy is improving. On the local news here in Ft. Worth, TX they very recently announced that American Airlines may layoff up to 11,000 people. The maintenance center at Alliance Airport (12 miles up the interstate) is closing at the end of the year and will layoff 1,100 people. Here from Drudge I read that Campbell's Soup is laying off 700 people in CA and Comcast is sending 1,000 call center jobs overseas.


At my local Kroger's here in Ft. Worth, I notice that they have recently hired several Mexicans to do the night stocking. For all of the 20 years I have been going there, it was white people working those night jobs.

Here is the trend in America that has been happening for several years now. Employers would rather hire any foreigner (within our borders or outside our borders) than a white American. Any job that can be shipped to China or Mexico, they are going to ship it there. But, that isn't good enough for our business and corporate leaders. They not only want to ship every job they can to China or Mexico, they want to hire recent arrival foreigners to do the jobs that actually still exist in America. They actually prefer to hire foreigners over our own people who were born and raised here. Foreigners never complain, they work hard because they come from a poverty background, they aren't going to try and form unions or strike, and they will work overtime or holidays or just do whatever their managers want them to do. Foreigners probably aren't so quick to slap a lawsuit on their company.

Does anybody else see this going on or is it just me? I've seen it firsthand at the places I have worked before I got sick, and I could not work. Employers are trying to increae profits anyway they can think of without any regard to how they are harming the middle class workers in America. My country is being taken from me without even a single shot ever being fired.

You really have to ask why shouldn't people vote for Obama? If we are going to go down the tubes, why not vote for government freebies until it all blows up in our face? Will Romney stop the outflow of jobs and the inflow of foreigners to do our jobs? I don't think so.