I bought this Polaris water about 10 years ago and was told that the propane model could be switched to natural but the natural could not be changed to propane and was told that the propane burns hotter and there for they were made heavier for the propane and the ones for natural were made lighter and there for they could not handle the extra heat from the propane . So when they were about to install natural gas I bought a propane model so it could be switched to natural . Well when the natural got here I called them and said I wanted to switch my Polaris PG water heater to natural . They said they do not have a kit to switch it even they said it can be switched . Well now they say they do not make kits to change them but it can be changed .
So now how can I find someone to change it to natural? I have read about people that have changed them to natural . I hear it is the same valve it just needs a little adjustment and the orffice needs to be a little bigger

. Is there anyone out there that can help me out because everything else is on natural gas . Any help would be greatly appreciated . Gene