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    I wonder why it only has a 3 ton or 4 ton txv listed? I mean if the outdoor unit is 3.5 tons then the txv selection would not match.

    I most be missing something? Because with a 4 ton txv on air handler and not a 3.5 wouldnt the system not meter right? I could be over thinking this!!!
    Yes Lennox used two different expansion valves there part numbers as I remember are 56J20 & 56J21 respectively. They are R22 TXV's. Not sure if they are the same number.

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    Quote Originally Posted by duckman06 View Post
    Well that makes perfect since. The customer called me today and wants to replace the system due ton age and past problems.

    Thank goodness I performed a load cal. While i was at his home! (slow day). The house is 2032 square foot with double pane metal windows, R-11 in the walls and R-19 insulation in the attic.

    My load is showing me the home requires 3.7 tons to cool to 72 degress per customer request. My seniable date matches the load but sizing does not!!! The actual size of the system that i thinking of recommended is (3.5) trane XL15i matched with tam7 air handler to deliver 43,000 btus of cooling and roughly 32,000 sensiable cap.

    I don't want to install a (4) ton system due to sen. Date being perfect for the home but the size does not match.

    What do you guys think? (3.5) ton or
    (4) ton? Thanks
    What does the engineering data from Trane tell you?

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