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Who said what is highlited above?

Read GA's post again... It does NOT say that. If one read that into it... they did not read what GA posted.

There ARE two things I can say:
1) Folks who ARE Christians AND practice the faith as instructed in Scripture... behave differently and from a different heart than others. (and)
2) Folks who are not Christians do not understand.
There is literally NO way I can explain it... just is

However I can say this: Scripture says these things are Spiritually revealed by God to Gods' Children (Christians)... so obviously others would not see it.

Nothing against the Jewish race or faith... my Savior Jesus was of Jewish blood. However the Orthodox Jewish faith rejected Him, and still do. BTW: We have lots of Messianic Jewish temples here in Atlanta... I have visited a number of them and attended one for almost half a year (was dating a Messianic Jewish lady). Took a course there and learned a HUGE amount about the traditional Jewish faith; the feasts, the seasons, etc.

I will give the Jewish folks this: They are a LOT more zealous for their faith than most Christians.
As to who said what I originally responded to:
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Because most non-Christians do not understand or accept the precepts of Christianity they cannot accept that someone would willingly take care of a stranger............ .
You then responded to me seemingly in defense of his post & then proceeded on with a post that I didn't think was relevant to what I responded to. Your last post that I'm responding to now sort of says it all especially the highlighted part.
That type of belief is the very thing that divides humanity. Each religion thinking that their way is the only way.
God is beyond all religion, he needs no temple to hear us & no mediator to understand us. It is our own arrogance that assumes we know the only way to reach him.