My buddy has a 8x8 walk in that he built and i hooked up some little cooler for him. It has a new compressor with receiver. i used r-401a(mp29) for refrigerant.

There are no controls on it. Here's some info i have on this thing.

Bohn evaporator;
model; c-0300c serial; dra 5404
sporlan txv; R-12, ff-1/2-c

Tecumseh condenser;
mod; RE4440ab
bm; 2c309-9
ser; 9l21244874
ref; r-12
evap range; +20* - +55*
compressor; ae234-as-668-a2

i believe the valve is wrong for the unit. i cannot tell what btu this thing is.

heres my readings;
clear sightglass
sh; 40, sc; 11
slt; 81* llt; 106*
37.6psi / 185psi

ra; 65* sa; 55*
entering condenser air; 88*

any ideal what valve i need for it?

am i on the right track?