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    Quote Originally Posted by FixItRight View Post
    The closest local to you is in jacksonville.
    That's what I figured. A bit of a drive for me. I will check out what they're all about and what they have to offer. If they had something to offer worth a move, I would consider a relocation. No rush, I'm still in the beginning stages of HVAC school. I got a crumby job now, but I have an income.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RayD8630 View Post
    Check around the heat exchanger. If its slow and you find yourself on belt and filter duty FIND stuff that is wrong. Don't make a problem, but find something that might be a problem. Check the heat exchanger for cracks. Jump out the cooling. Any condenser fans not start? Is there a pressure control keeping it off? That might be a repair right there. Look at the contactor-its got a lot of carbon on it. Better change it before it causes problems on a hot day. Pulleys wear out. If you can feel a grove on it-its toast. Better break out the allen keys and change it before it chews up belts in the middle of a heat wave. Crack in the heat exchanger? If that unit is older than the hills your boss might be able to sell them a new one. Those are the guys the boss likes to keep working.

    Thank you for the information !

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