I wonder if any of the major mfg's would ever consider modifiying their split systems to be packaged units with split condensers coils only, so you could reheat the air and even do as Ultra-Aire does and use a heat exchanger to increase moisture removal. THen it's jsut a matter of modulating the amount of vapor going ot reheat vs. the condenser coil.... which of course would require EXV's.

Then again, by the time you've done all that, you might as well just buy a chiller, keep your coil 45F and make hot water for reheat. A chiller eliminates the need for a dedicated dehmidifier, since airflow can be independant of system capacity. I know Crazi is on board with chillers for residential use. Though a WHD is still going ot be a little more economical in a small and medium sized home.