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    tif zx

    just looking to hear from people that own a tif zx leak detector. i already owned a d tek select and thats another story. its gone now and im using my old h 10g with no problems. i didnt like the d tek and am looking at the tif.

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    I have one and my coworkers have a dtek select. I think it's 6 of one, half dozen of the other. Like most tools, I think it's more about familiarity, confidence, and experience than anything. I've figured out the quirks of mine so of course I'll say that I like it over theirs. Only trouble I've had was I killed a sensor once with getting some big blue on it. Oops.

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    ive had a dtek select for like 8 yrs. i really like it and trust it. having said that my company got me a tif zx this summer. i probably only used it a dozen times but i felt it was more sensitive than the select. having said that i dont trust it like i do the select. but that will come in time. i also have an h10pm, that i bought this summer, its seems super sensitive but ive only got it out when i couldnt find a leak with one of the other detectors.
    just my 2 cents

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    Been using tif for many years , love it but lately was picking up on anything so I didnt trust it 100% anymore , just brought d-tek select for half price and got an almost brand new Johnson control h10-pm for $150 , going to try them out next week , tif is a good start

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