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    Are there Entry-Level HVAC jobs in Maryland?

    I'm currently enrolled in trade and will graduate on Oct.4th 2012. There are a lot of open HVAC positions in Maryland/Baltimore but all want experience. The minimum amount of experience I've seen is 3 years.I only have about a year. I have my Universal CFC and will be working on getting my 609 in near future. Is there any advice or suggestions for me? I want to get the field as soon as possible so all I've learned is fresh in my mind.

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    You have to start somewhere. Did you use to work on mechanical things as a teenager or fix things, that is experience. Some might disagree with me but it is not a fair world you have to make yo0ur way sometimes, usually smaller companies are your best bet when Green.

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    You are exactly right. I've talked to few trade school grads and they say the the companies they are with took a chance on them.I have no prior tinkering of any kind tho. I did talk to a few mom and pop places and they still want techs with some type of experience in the field. Also the apartment complexes I've spoken with want more that just HVAC skills which makes since but I have none of those either. I mean if I did a lot of side jobs for about a year that would have to qualify as OTJ experience right?

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    you might want to try supply houses. Knowing parts and names of parts ect. goes a long ways when talking shop or taking an interview. Working in the warehouse is a good start an a good job.

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    Sounds like a good idea. Thank you for the advice.

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