I remember several years ago when subway was affordable and when they loaded meat on em. Since jared came on the seen he screwed it up for everyone. The combos goes from 7-9 bucks, used to be $4 n change. Everyone clapped their hands but I can't get a deal no more from anywhere and now starving. All the fast food joints are charging like its a reg resturaunt.Now this one chick lately said she lost weight eating only starbucks.. the sad thing is she probably could only aford a coffee in the morning cause they,re so dang expensive- so she starved. But you know they take that to heart and now I wouldn't be surprised if they jack up prices even more. I'm tired of all this inflation. I'm happy the heavy weights are loosing the weight but damn keep the secrets to your self. I can't gain weight because of this sh?t and I'll probably get a heart attack soon from all this dollar menu junk.