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    mitsubishi mr slim restriction

    well first let me say that Im not sure if this the right place to post my question, I've posted a couple of questions on this site before, but its been awhile so..I often read on this site whenever I get spare time, but rarely post anything. anyways

    Question: anyone ever come across a mitsub mr. slim with a restriction?
    if so how/ what did you do to repair?
    a little info; Im getting error code P8-"abnormality in outdoor unit" 210 hi side /60 true suction + only 65psi @ transphase port, (the access @the service valve) I was told by the mitsub. tech support guy I should have about 100psi there! superheat of about 39, supply air 66 return of 75
    Any help sugestions will be greatly appreaciated, thanks

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    They are notorious for liquid line restrictions, there is a small bulb with a strainer inside in the liquid line before the metering device, cut it it and replace it with a regular dryer.

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