We currently have an ADX and several NAE's on a dedicated LAN, using Static Addressing. One of the NAE's was setup to bring in some BACnet IP points from third party controllers onto the system for monitoring. We had a little network problem recently and got the network back up a few hours later. We noticed that the only NAE that did not come back was the one with the BACnet points. I found out that its IP address is something like 172.16.1.xx with a gateway in the same range. The rest of our LAN is a 192.168.1.xx network. There is a small Linksys router installed in the panel that was providing the interface to our LAN. Since this stuff was all installed by someone else, we could not access the router and had to default it; it wasn't working anyway. But, my problem remains that we cannot see the NAE; it shows on the ADX as Off-line. I temporarily readdressed the NAE to an IP on our LAN and it came up, but I cannot see the BACnet IP points, because we removed the router. I was told that due to a limitation in the third party controllers, the NAE had to be setup to exist on their little 172.16.1xx network.

So, I gave the router a WAN address on our LAN 192.168.1.xx, then setup the LAN side to use the 172.16.1.xx addressing scheme. I also setup the NAE with a 172.16.1.xx address to match the former setup. Still not communicating with the ADX. I plugged my laptop into the LAN side of the router 172. and can ping the ADX, but the server cannot ping the NAE. It can ping the router on the WAN. I figured maybe porting is an issue, so Enabled the DMZ for my NAE, still no good. Long story short, I am looking for the porting information to try and port forward to the NAE. Does anyone have this information or maybe can recommend some IP settings for me to try. It was working before, so I can't imagine it was too complicated of a setup. I also tried using static routing within the 172 LAN, but could not get the router to accept any of my entries. It kept telling me that my Static Route was invalid. I don't understand why we lost it when the system was down, since we did not change anything. It was a server communication issue with the NIC. Anyway, at this point, I just want to get the NAE and BACnet devices on-line and am willing to try any configuration. This is one for the networking minds. Thanks.