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    Tridium Lon Questions

    I am working on a job that my company is eventually wanting to expand. I am new to the Lon world, and I want to get an idea of what is all needed to expand this system.

    On work bench all of the VAVs for the floors pop up under LonIPnetwork. Every couple floors there is a Lon Router. Each floor is on a different Lon Channel. This building is a 26 story building with 15 floors done already. I saw channel numbers as high as 11. How can I tell on work bench if I have multiple JACEs? Or do I have one JACE with multiple Lon Routers? How does all of this connect together as a whole? I also found something called Loytec at the top of the LonIPnetwork... What kind of things can I check so I can put this entire job together?

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    It sounds like they are using Loytec LIP FT-10 to IP routers. Each Loytec router could have up to 4 lon segments depending on the model.
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    This will be worth your time, video is around 40 minutes, but you'll learn a lot about LON wiring and others.
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