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    JCI M-Graphics and VBA

    Hello everyone,
    Is there a way to schedule in M-Graphics and N30 controller a VBA script? At this moment a have a button on a screen that at 'pick' feature i run the VBA script, manually. I am thinking something like the 'classic' schedule that commands the network values of the controllers or a BV in the N30....

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    Is you current button coming from the N30 as a BV object or BO \ BD. From the N30, link a schedule to that button. Then behind the screens, the button will change via the schedule. In M-Graphics, you can change the color \ type via the command.

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    hello integrator,
    Sorry for the delay but i was out of office..... I attach you a snapshot of the button in a test graphic to show you the properties, it is not an object like bv or something, it's an application-script....Name:  button.jpg
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    thanks for your time

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