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Then, you question a search for debris while at the same time saying that you don't think thermite is important. Well then, if you aren't searching for molten metal or thermite residue, what among the debris adds to your case and in what manner? Besides, as already discussed, the debris was compromised by rescue workers from the word go, so a review of the debris would have been pointless.

As for the rest of your claims, you need to post evidence. You know, like the link about Israelis I asked for last week but still have not seen?
The presence of thermite or any explosive found in the debris is important, but it is too late for that recovery effort. As you know we determine the type and origin of explosives used by carefully examining the remains of a bomb blast. That type of analysis is too late. So when you and Liberty dwell on whether thermite explodes or burns like a torch it is unimportant in my opinion. To say the explosions in building 7 must have been from thermite is s stretch. Why couldn’t it have been from typical explosives?

Very high temps were reached and continued to burn in the debris field for days or weeks. Yet most experts say the bulk of the jet fuel was burnt upon the initial explosion. Was there really enough left to bring down a building that size in less than an hour? If so, it should be repeatable or predictable through testing. To date I have not seen that done.

As for the label “Truthers” you keep using shows you follow a group-think mindset. Anyone who uses a label like that does so to put all opposing views in one convenient box. But I would suggest that if you label people like that you should do your homework first. Never hearing about the “dancing Israelis” that were seen celebrating during the first attack shows deplorable interest in the topic. Not knowing pieces of the Pennsylvania flight were found miles away from the crash site is inexcusable. I suggest you know far less about what the “Truthers” are proposing than you let on. You have a few other guys on this site that support your ridiculing but seem to be just as ignorant about the “Truthers” position. You all come from a position that a conspiracy is so improbable that it shouldn’t even be looked into.

I could supply links but you would undoubtedly criticize those sources, so research it for yourself. Or you could just keep sweeping with your broad brush.

Btw – another curious event – the NTSB’s account of the flight path of Flight 77 that hit the Pentagon was a lie. It did not come from the angle they claim as witnessed by at least ten people on the ground that were directly flown over by that plane. Why the lie? Why the confiscation of video outside the pentagon?

Why is it that to some it stinks, and to others it smells like roses?