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Well you could start with an investigation of all the false presentations I spoke of earlier.

Again, when you present plainly doctored evidence like a photoshopped photo, doesn't that mean you are doing the same thing as those you warn us to fear?
With all the time you and Liberty spent arguing over whether thermite burns or explodes how does that solve anything? Are you using the old courtroom tactic which states: “if you can find one inaccuracy in the opposing council’s claims then it can be conveniently assumed everything they say in inaccurate?”

As for structural damage to building 7 it was minor and superficial. It appears no damage was done to the core structural columns and the fires were isolated. There were also many explosions heard on audio tapes and witnessed by people in the building. I could understand a few explosions from a gas line or two but not what was reported.

But I will give you that if charges were planted in building 7 they would have be planted in both WTC’s because nobody knew the WTC’s would fall from a plane attack. That is an incomprehensible job to covertly pull off. Over one hundred and thirty vertical columns would need to be severed by explosives. Very hard to imagine, but imaginations don't solve crimes like this. They only pacify the public.