Wow, you get more pathetic as we go.

All that stuff you posted contains all of two formulas. Not only that, but the argument was not based on them as I said three times now, just a little added weight. So, you apparently don't even know what a formula even is in the first place, much less understand them.

You slept through science AND math class? How do you even have a job in this industry?

Defining how much something weighs IS NOT A FORMULA.

You are not lying in that last post. You are simply a scientific illiterate is all.

And it's getting more amusing as we go.

These are formulas;

2Al + Fe2O3 = Al2O3 + 2Fe

0.5*4.2 kg = 2.1 kg = 4.8 lb

The very end of this is a simple formula;

Therefore, 51 cc of fully dense powder of 20.5 cc Al and 30.5 cc Fe2O3 weighs (54+160) g = 214 g.

The rest are declaritives.