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Hmmm... While GA has more or less let the 911 truthers thingy go... (still thinks the govt is culpable)... How about lets shift this discussion to conspiracies the govt HAS been involved in? Lots of times the govt has been found to be guilty of perpetrating things which are definitely WRONG and even criminal... can you say 'Fast and Furious' just for one?

And lets not forget that guy who ran the FBI for decades who had an incriminating file on every president he served under.

GA's position on this whole thing is: The public should be viewing the govt with suspicion EVERY TIME there is any question... rather than giving them the benefit of the doubt. It is proven govts are nothing more than a collection of humans who are power mongers, who already have a history of lieing, cheating, extorting, manipulating, and even murdering when it is convenient... to promote their influence and fortune.

As a society, we hate them when they run a business... yet as soon as they are elected to public office; somehow their attitudes and behavior is all of a sudden perfect... and all past sins are forgotten. Wake up folks... they are the same scoundrels... just with MORE power... power to take YOUR $$$ and use it to promote their careers. The difference is: In private business they can be held accountable... seems when they get to govt they are immune from responsibility... and we think we will get a fair and honest deal under these jerks? Wake up folks.

Sheesh... and folks wonder why voting should be restricted... DUH
Your statement that the US government is culpable, in some degree, in the wtc attack, I agree with. I believe they likely had enough intelligence info to stop it. It is simply impossible for them to have planned and executed the job without someone leaking enough to eventually bring it into the open.