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    I’m having a problem with my (ancient) Lennox G11Q3E-110V-6 gas furnace. What’s happening is:

    Comes on (spark, pilot, main burners come on almost simultaneously)
    Stays on for 1 to 45 seconds (measured: 19,2,12,24,12,14,1,7,45,19)
    Goes off for between 6 to 52 seconds (measured: 50,10,24,26,17,6,10,19,52)
    Comes back on (spark, pilot, main burners come on almost simultaneously)

    And on and on and on. Sometimes there’s a rapid click-click-click (of the valve?) when it’s off.

    I’ve looked around in there and I see there’s a Johnson G60QHL-1 “PROVEN PILOT CONTROL” (maybe not so proven?). That appears to control the gas and pilot valves. There’s also a “cam-stat” that’s currently set to 110 ( think this controls when the fan turns off)

    I’ve lived here with this furnace for 9 years and it was pretty good for the first 6 or so. I remember this problem from last year, but I made it through the winter somehow. I tried removing the pilot assembly and cleaning up the thermocouple last year and I thought that helped. Did that again today, but it did not seem to make a difference.

    Any suggestions?

    Thanks very much,

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    your profile is not filled out?.....can't offer any advice,not trying to be an a$$,but call a service seems your furnance is certainly operating out of sequence....i sure as hell would think it would be worth it to you,to find out why?..

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    I don't know
    When the burners fire, check for backdrafting around the drafthood. (use a candle or incense stick)

    Vent safety device could be tripping; either way, you'll have to call someone.

    The fact that you think that an electronic ignition system has a thermocouple tells me that you shouldn't be working on your own furnace - no offense.

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    Sorry. "flame sensor" I have a differnt kind of flame sensor that's going off right now...

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    Please read the Forum Rules We can't offer DIY help. Your best bet is to call a qualified service technician.

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