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    I had the above named system installed in March of this year, when the system was installed it it ran at different speed . On start up it will ramp up slowly, and then variable speed at different times. I had called the installing company in May because the transformer hums, and they indicated the transformer was fine. However, during that visit to my home the tech changed the setting on my airhandler, indicating it was not at the correct setting. Now my system is not quite anymore and operates more like a two speed system instead of a vaiable speed system. I prefer the initial setting done by my installer. My problem is that the installing company send the same tech for warranty work, and he has not been able to resolved my problem. I specifically told the tech i like the comfort R setting or the previous setting, but he has not been able to reset it to the default setting. My system is a two ton system with VS airhanlder.

    My questions are what is the correct airflow setting for this system (heat pump). My current airflow is over 1000
    I am calling back the installing company to send another tech who understands variable speed, and hope he can reinstate the default setting.

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    For some reason he took it off of the ramping feature.when he comes back tell him to put it back where it was you want it on for more comfort and quiet operation.It is just a matter of changing the dip switches.

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