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    What is the real SEER rating on a Carrier Infinity 5.0 ton a/c unit. All the literature says up to 18 SEER. I know the bigger units aren't quite as effecient as the smaller ones.

    Also, how much effeciency will be lost if my line run to the outside unit is 65 feet? My existing is only about 40 ft. but to go the same way I'd have to rip out 30 ft of drywall ceiling. The longer route saves me from any drywall repairs. Is the run too long?

    All info appreciated.


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    it will depend on which furnace and evap coil are used, but it won't be close to 18 seer.

    have a load calc performed to determine proper sizing before looking at efficiency.

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    Canadian - you'll have to post exact outdoor & indoor model #'s (air handler or coil & furnace) for us to ascertain the rated SEER. You can also review the match @

    In response to the line set length - it depends on the size & total equivalent length - elbows etc all add up to pressure drop. If the line set is properly sized you will have no loss in SEER. Carrier publishes a line set sizing chart that allows for up to a max 4% acceptable capacity loss.

    The Infinity is an exceptional machine, but you'll have to evaluate an ROI on the most expensive unit Carrier makes. My guess would be you might be better off with a 15-16 SEER single speed in terms of ROI. Personally I'm not a big fan of 4 & 5 ton equipment, two smaller systems offer more flexibility and usually better performance.

    I would suggest you seek a talented contractor, be sure he runs load calcs & duct sizing - then re-evaluate your needs along w/ his advice before you purchase.

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