I need some advice on programming the local zone thermostats for connected to a Frigidaire IQ Zone master thermostat to switch automatically between heating and cooling.

I recently had 2 new Frigidaire IQ Drive HVAC units installed in my house, one for the second floor and one for the first floor. The upstairs and downstairs units are identical (Furnace model FG7MQ, Condensing Unit model FT4BF and Indoor Coil model C6BH-I), except that the downstairs unit is divided into 2 zones using Frigidaire's IQ Zone system while the upstairs is a single zone using the standard IQ Drive thermostat. The upstairs thermostat allows me to program a temperature for heating and a temperature for cooling and then automatically switches between heating and cooling as needed - great for these Fall days when the temperature swings 30 degrees in a day. The main IQ Zone thermostat in the basement allows me to override the local thermostats and similarly automatically switch between heating and cooling, but then I lose the benefit of the local zone controls. The instructions for programming the local zone thermostats do not explain how to set both a cooling temp and a heating temp so that the system automatically switches. In other words, I have to manually select either heating or cooling and then set a temp. My contractor said he's sure the local zone thermostats support auto heat-cool switching, but he does not know how to program them. I've tried Frigidaire customer service but have not yet gotten an answer. Can anyone explain how to program these so they auto switch from heat to cool and vice versa? Thank you.