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Thread: Dear NFL

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    Quote Originally Posted by doc havoc View Post
    Last time I checked, nobody was making the fans pay for any of it. Do they pay for it? Of course. But they do so willingly. I prefer the best seat in the house. In my recliner, in my living room, in front of my TV. I get all the best angles, the beer is much more affordable and it doesn't cost me hardly anything to see the entire season, including away games and playoff games. I don't blame the refs for wanting more. I want more, and if I could go on a lockout to get more, I would. Greedy? Maybe. Looking out for number 1? Absolutely!
    Yeah, but I still want to go to Lambeau field!! Just so I can see where so much history has been made.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ControlsInMT View Post
    Yeah, but I still want to go to Lambeau field!! Just so I can see where so much history has been made.

    You can go there withotu seeing a game and go to the gift shop. But to see the field I think you have to pay for the tour. My wife and I went there as part of a 3 day motorcycle circle tour of Wisconsin (I highly recommend it, excellent ride).

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    I would highly encourage you to go there. You won't find a much better thought-out stadium when it comes to seating. Even the cheap seats are good. The only obstructed seating is the corporate booths, and the only obstructions are the dividers between the glass panels. Interestingly, the glass panels in the booths have magnification built in to them, so when viewed from way up there, the game appears closer to you. Very cool. Maybe they do that at all stadiums? The sod on the field sits on top of a 3-6 inch soil foundation which includes columns of USGA-grade sand that promotes drainage and maintains the grass through rain and snow. Beneath the soil is a 10 inch bed of sand on top of more than 30 miles of radiant tubing that maintains a root zone temperature of 70 degrees all through the brutal winters. It was installed in 1967 while Vince Lombardi was coaching and failed during the famed "Ice Bowl" against the Cowboys. So, why was "in'floor" heat being used in 1967 on a football field, but didn't really make its' way into the residential market until a couple decades later? I suppose it comes down to $$$? Anyhow, enough rambling. Very cool and historic venue. And, you can get tickets to a regular season game for as little as $40.00 each.
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